Services We Offer

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Contract Maintenance

We offer Service Contracts for all of your power generation equipment. We can come to your site annually, semi annually, quarterly, or let us customize a plan that meets your needs. We offer many levels of service, PM Inspection service includes a visual equipment inspection to verify the fluid levels, check for rodent and pest presence, and finally run and test the starting and response of your system. Full Pm Service includes an oil and filter change, spark plug change (gas units) check for rodent and pest presence, test coolant protection and freeze point, check of battery and charging system, a full cleaning inside and out of the unit, and finally a run and response test of the equipment. With both levels of service if any concerns are found the customer will be advised what needs to be repaired or if a fluid needs to be topped off. Upon approval the technician will resolve the concern,  and provide a full written summary of work before we depart the site.

We offer Load bank testing on all makes and models of generator. this involves attaching a load bank to your generator's output breaker and running it under full load for a specified amount of time. Typical testing lasts from 2-8 hours to verify that your equipment will run the load for the duration of a power outage and there will be no mechanical issues during this time frame. When standby generators run mostly during exercise periods with little to no load on them they can be subject to wet stacking.Wet stacking occurs when condensation builds up in the exhaust and cylinder walls due to lack of load and the absence of heat in the cylinders from the engine being run at higer RPM's. Once load bank testing is completed our customers will be provided documentation of the test with statistics that show how the generator performed. If any concerns come up during the testing they will be documented as well.

If the need arises for repair work Alternative Generator Inc is there for you 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week. We stock common parts for most brands of equipment on our technician's trucks to be able to correct all issues whenever they arise. We pride ourselves in being able to complete repairs in a timely and accurate manner. If we don't have the parts in stock, we have the resources to obtain them within 24 hours to complete the repair on your unit. Let our trained staff evaluate your equipment and provide a fix to keep your equipment up and running and minimize down time.  

Load bank Testing


Fluid Analysis

Is your equipment mostly for standby use? Does it run mostly during exercise periods? That could mean your oil, fuel, and coolant might not stay at its peak, and who wants to guess if it is going to perform when it needs to? Alternative Generator has the resources to pull a sample out of your unit's oil, fuel, or coolant, test it, and issue you a report on the condition of your generator's fluids (or life blood). Our test equipment can tell you the freeze point, the lubricity factor of oils and fuel, and the cooling factor of the coolant. This is especially important for diesel fueled units as diesel fuel that sits can become less usable due to deposits and moisture build up in the fuel. Let us test your fluids and advise if they could benefit from additives to prolong their life span. These services can be added to your contract service or even while we are already on site. 


Be sure to ask us about other services we can provide, such as: Infrared Electrical Testing, Employee/Operator Training, Parts for Kohler Generator Systems, or NFPA Yearly Record Keeping including making binders for all industrial customers detailing yearly visits.